Tefaf’17: Deep History

Logically speaking, after the post-modern mirrors there should be a section about post-post-modern ones, or hyper-modern ones, or something of this sort. Since anything ‘logical’ is not my piece of cake, let’s to a reverse leap in time, and talk about very ancient mirrors.

The one above is nice example of the mirror-things I’d like to talk about in this posting.

This is a very, very old mirror. It was made in Ancient Egypt during the ruling of the18th Dynasty at the times of New Kingdom, or talking more conventionally, around c.1550-1425 BCE. In other words, this is about 3,500 years old.

The Mask of Hathor – no mirrors here, but as I wrote in my review of Egyptian mirrors, the boundary between sacral mirrors and sacral masks was thin.

This is already Ancient Greece: A Red-Figure Skyphos with a Nude young satyr (?) admiring himself in a mirror, c.375-350 BCE


Two more modern, but still very old mirrors we spotted at the last moment:

The first one was attributed by the 1550s (I believe wrongly)

The second – by the 1650s (which I tend to believe more, but still not fully)


These woodcuts from Japan are not necessarily ‘antique’ but since there was no room to put them earlier, let them be here as ‘The Rest’

The last one, by Torii Kiyomine, is a nice one: it shows an unusual mirror, closed one.


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