Tefaf’17: Post-Modern (?) Mirrors

Post-modern is as fuzzy term as ‘modern’. And I don’t imply here any of the loaded philosophical connotations, just the meaning that this ‘art mirrors’ have been made ‘after’ the modern one.  Unfortunately, I don’t write about these things as often as I would want to, so for many of the art objects I found at the Tefaf’17 I can’t add my usual ‘see my earlier posting about x and y here’. The will come.

The mirror art (which is in essence simply a mirror) is by Jeff Koons, form his series Flower Drawings (2011)


The next two works are by Michelangelo Pistoletto. I don’t know the title of the first, but it’s more typical for this Italian artist, known for his mirror works.

I’ve seen a similar one exhibited in our local museum, and then it was called ‘Woman Drawing’, so this one is likely called ‘Woman Sitting’

The other one was named quite enigmatically, Arp su un mobile di Marcel Duchamp (1974)

As much as I want to write about the mirror art of Michelangelo Pistoletto, even more so I would like to write about Marcel Duchamp (and dada-mirrors). We even discussed these topics shortly with i-shmael during our short breaks between long strolls. Let’s hope this piece will work as a gentle, but firm reminder.


Marinus Boezem – Untitled (1981)

This piece is made from chromed copper, stone, and a mirror. Apparently, the author is a very known Dutch artist, but I rarely write about sculptures, and didn’t know about him.

The same story is with this piece, called Cubus (2015) by another Dutch artist, Ewerdt Hilgemann.


Both previous and the next sculptures could be called ‘mirrors’ only very broadly, of course. The one below is called 21 Rods Reflected in a Curve (1967), and it’s made by Pol Bury, a sculptor from Belgium.


The next two small objects by Christian Megert are mostly made of mirrors, so yes, these are ‘mirror art’ par excellence.

Untitled ID86 (2015)

Untitled ID61 (2015)


A couple of more traditional, 2D works:

Tom Wesselmann – Study for Bedroom painting (Daniele) (1971)

Sam Szafran – Anamorphic staircase (2014)

I didn’t know about this artist, but i-shmael told that he’s seen many of his works in the Fondation Pierre Gianadda in Martigny.

Three out six of these drawings in black boxes by the artist duo Pere and Santilari Perarnau had mirrors.

All of them were called Vanitas (2016)

Well, this is is a kind of mirror, the modern one:


I haven’t seen much of photograph, but we also didn’t go to all the galleries. This is the only example I found:

Alfred EisenstaedtHanna Schygulla (1980)


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