FPP, & Other Mirror Follow-Ups

The AMA project goes through the tough times. Well, mainly because life goes through tough times, too. Speaking about time, I just don’t have much of it, or rather have to spend it somewhere else but on the mirrors, and art.

With time I started to write very long postings, often with a lot of research, or at least a lot of search for the mirror-works by different masters. It’s a great format, but very time-consuming, and the first that suffers from time shortage.  The last posting I managed to translate, about Tissot, was in fact written almost a year ago. I have another four or five postings that are already fully written,  and about a dozen half-done, but alas, with such a tempo I can expect them to appear here by 2020 or so 😦

One option is ‘iron discipline’; for instance, to post less in the AMA mirror stream (which is alive and kicking, with nearly 5,500 works posted there already) and instead to write more here. The ironness, however, is not exactly a quality I am very known for.

I also often think that I need perhaps another format, more lightweight one. Not as ephemeral as Twitter or as moronic as Facebook, but something that would help in creating smaller, but more frequent chunks.

Speaking about Facebook, there is another interesting developing going on. A couple of months ago I have joined one of the art communities there, called Flemish Painters. Its format is not much different that my Tumblr, only the art works posted there should be by, well, Flemish painters (though in practice it means even a more narrow category, of ‘Old’ Flemish masters).

To my surprise, I have quickly published there around fifty small postings (and also numerous comments, about my own, and other posts.)  The majority of these postings (and the artworks they show) have been already described in this blog (I even sometimes put the references to my postings here, though as a rule they are not very welcomed’; ‘My English is poor’, they say.)

But there were a few new works, and some of them I have discovered thanks to this FB/FP community (which is quite active, I have to say, or at least it has a few very active lead members who keep adding new works on a daily base). When posting there, I noticed that I have to returned to many of my earlier thoughts but express them in a much crisper way (I also found that many of earlier postings here are appallingly poor, especially the earliest ones). That’s partly forgivable, as I wanted to complete this proejct in about ten postings or so 🙂

While being busy with this community I realised that this blog somehow misses its own ‘mirror function’, or rather its own ‘Prudential‘ features, a capacity to also look back and reflect on (and thus follow-up to) many of the postings written some while ago.

Perhaps, in a form of a Year-End I will write a few such postings, even if only re-enacting here the ones that I have already published in this community of Flemish art.


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