Reflection of the Moment №2

This blog has all the features of manic-depressive personality, apparently. Its spikes of activity fall the long winter evenings, while in other periods it’s totally inactive – and also grieving about that:

My nice plans to write more regularly remains to be, well, nice plans.  I console myself with the leaks of ‘insider information’ telling me that somewhere deep down (i.e., inside myself) there always goes ‘the work of thinking’ about all these ‘mirrors in art’. And perhaps by the fact that my pile of ‘mirror underpants’ keeps growing (just look at the Art Mirrors Art tumblr, with its 4,500+ works!) And I know that it’s only about a half of the total amount of works I gathered so far.

My work with this tumblr has gradually – and unexpectedly – became an interesting research project itself. It was planned merely as a mirror storage, a place to pin down the work I keep encountering on a go. But because of its current large volume, and also because my way of ‘curating’ this mirror flow (I put the work in a particular peculiar order, in such a way that they would resonate yet collide with their neighbors) this stream now works as an active though-provoking tool.  Plus I constantly encounter the work of other content curators, many of whom compile really interesting visual streams where I keep finding new interesting works for my collection.

It does take a lot of time and efforts, unfortunately, but it is also a very rewarding process at the end.

The picture above show just three last months of tumblr; if I would write one line for every of those pictures I posted there, it would be already a chapter. The absence of this ‘chapter’ is a pity, of course, but in reality I struggle with another problem. Even if I don’t write all these ‘lines’, I keep talking them in my head, and the gap between how much is said (inside my head) and how little is written is really a pain 😦

And then of course all these efforts of ‘reflective thinking’! The project was positioned as ‘mind-transforming’ (even if only internally in my mind), not just to plunk here few pics from the web (I even produced a methodological manifest of some sort – Future of Mirrors, Mirror of Future – to capture this intent.

And again, there are even some efforts made in this directions too, albeit still very, very internally. I need to somehow fix the inter-face, the trans-mission between this internal flows of thought and the lines of letters here. Execution, execution, execution!

And now the Books! It is still not the Big Book that i_shmael was buzzing about from the very early days of this project, but at least some small tries and errors in these direction. The picture I have started this posting with shows two of those.

One is not so much a book but rather a report-like collection, “101 Most Famous Mirrors in (Western) Art”. A very pompous name, I know, and ‘the most famous-ness’ was decided solely by myself, but it was an interesting exercise to make.

Since many picturs in today’s posting resemble a philatelist album, I will follow the suite and show this album in one go:

The second book does not have any name yet, and it is not even very new. In some way it is just just a hard-cover edition of the earlier project, on Oculi Domini, though with some revisions and also additional examples. And a bit prettier one, too.

The picture bellow does now give a full merit, but the cover is really lovely, with all these small cuts showing tiny pictures of the art-works, as if through small Alice-in-Wonderland doors:

There are not so many letters in this book, either, besides the titles, so I can see it more like a visual skeleton that calls for more flesh to put on. But a useful try.

These are the latest ‘mirror news’ so far, and I hope there will be more mirror stories soon, too.


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