Mirror Show (off)

Phew! I finally finished all the back-translations in this blog, and don’t have any more ‘debts’ (I mean, I still do a have couple of very old and still untranslated postings, but the major part is over!) Very tried – not so much from the work of translation, but from re-thinking and re-writing all these posts.

In in the past I was only occasionally making the corresponding slide-shows for the postings (or sometimes short video compilations). But this time I took a rule to create such a slide-show first (which often required all this re-thinking I just wrote), and only then translating the story in English – which happened to be way more time-consuming than I thought! I haven’t done the slideshows for *all* the posting, but at least all *major* posting do have those.

The  image above is a visual summary of the latest slide-shows (still have to upload a couple the very last ones).  It’s not very readable, so I will also copy the covers below, with the links to the slideshows themselves. I also put the links at the end of every corresponding posting, but because they are in a very distant past now, I will do this one-time refreshment (and later perhaps will be also making separate posts for the slideshows, as I do for the videos).

As such, this posting doesn’t have any value on its own, it’s more an overview, and also a preparation for the next jump(s).


Gerard Ter Borch: An elective affinity of mirrors, and brothels.


On mirrors, tables and walls (and yes, girls too); but now in the context(s)


CÆSARE RIPA: Reflective Iconology


Of the mirrors sensorial: Depiction of mirrors in the allegories of the Five Senses

Abraham Bosse and the mirrors in vista


Des jeunes filles à la lumière des miroirs symboliques: Balthus & Mirrors (& #NSFW)

Manet enters the Bar, or Bricolage of the hollow mirrors

Art Projections, or Scary mirrors of Walter Sickert

There is one slideshow, but it combines three (and may more) postings:

The mirror-thingie of young Picasso

Picasso and the Women (and a few mirrors in between – Part I & Part II

French hentai, or (carte) Blanche with the mirrors

There are few postings that describe the works presented in this slideshow:

Van Orley and his patient mirror

Van Orley’s Mirrors +1

and there is a couple of his Annunciations in ~ 1002 virgins and their (alleged) mirrors


The posting is here – ~ 1002 virgins and their (alleged) mirrors, but I didn’t upload the slideshow yet.



Same story, the story itself is here – There are two types of mirrors: Those you look at, and the real ones, and I will upload the slideshow soon.


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