Reflecting on the current (moment)


A status posting, and also an attempt to clarify the situation with this blog (including for myself. )

The blog is in limbo, and for quite a while already, the last entry was in January, and it is not very clear when it will restart again. In my efforts to run two blogs (this, and the English one) I keep failing into the same trap, of accomplishing neither.

At the end of 2012 I made a review of my mirror-postings, and it turned out that I’ve written 55 postings, or nearly 70,000 words (they were all in Russian, and posted in my Livejournal). However, only 12 of them (or approximately 17,000 words) had been translated into English, in a separate blog that I started for this purpose – this one.

I then decided to pay more attention to the English-language part of the project, and in early 2013 started another Russian-language blog (Specularum)! So very rational and logical decision of me!  It took me a while to transfer all my earlier postings from LJ and then, as if by inertia, in the next three months I wrote 25 more postings (more than 32,000 words) in Russian. At some point I firmly resolved to pick up the English wing, and decided to quickly translate all what is written in Russian.

This took more then three months, but eventually I have translated almost all postings (except for a couple of very old postings, such as the ones on Las Meninas or Belle Gabrielle; they are still not translated, in fact); the translation was in a quick&dirty way, only slightly better than Google Translate and I still would love to go back and edit many postings. But at least it was done, and in July 2013 I launched both the blogs again, with a pledge to always write in parallel.

The pledge lasted 15 postings (or about 30,000 words), but from September 2013 onward I have started to write only in Russian again (can’t remember why), so by the beginning of 2014 the gap has reached 22 postings (nearly 50,000 words). Not just sh#t, but sh#tsh#tsh#t 😦

Therefore, in January 2014 I put Specularum to the dock again. I decided not to write there anything until I translate all my “mirror debts”, and also develop a secure way to write in two languages. I have started fairly pertly, and even translated six postings (out of 22 ). But…
– I have encountered bad time at work, with too little projects for quite a long tome, and it took – not so much time, perhaps, but more importantly the very desire to write;

– I decided to translate the text into English a bit better than before, and in turn it began to take much more time (and space – sometimes the postings became twice larger compared to the Russian version);

– I also began to make the slideshows for each posting (I was planning to to start doing anyway, since it often helps to improve the structure of the story). The problem is it also devours a lot of time;

– On to top of all that, I had a bummer with the pictures on Flickr; I changed the settings of my Art Mirror Collection there, and it somehow changed my links; I have corrected the links in this blog, but still have to do it in the Russian one.

All in all, a sad story.

On a more optimistic note, I didn’t drop the project; quite the opposite, in fact. I still keep looking for new examples of ‘art mirrors’, do read books and go to museums and exhibition, among many others things. There are a lot of semi-conceived stories, and the only issue is to find some time to write them down – here and there.

Another good news is the workload is bigger by now, although I need to travel a lot – which itself does take time, though also often provides more materials to write about.)

I hope that the pause will soon be over, and more interesting stories will pour here; there are many of them in a waiting area! As an evidence I can refer to the same-name Tumblr; it’s much lighter and easier to manage a format, which does not require any writings (and this language-independent), so I can fill it in between many other things.  These ‘in-betweens’ has already amassed to 3,700 postings (and I have almost 1,600 “followers” there.)

A short reflective moment, and let’s hope it will turn the left to the right, soon.


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