Miró, Before, & After

In principle, this posting wasn’t supposed to here; it wasn’t in any of my ‘mirror plans’, and it sould unlikely be there. And the issue is not that there are more mirror-orineted artists than Joan Miró – in this case he could at last placed in the end of the queue. It is just the fact that I never particularly like this painter – I always considered him a moron, a jerk who was drawing one and some colorful garbage all his life, by kilotons.

Then this “garbage” has become a “modern art”, now sells for for such sums of money that make some people falling off their chairs; the art-trickstery as a pure science.

(In reality everything is more complex, or complicated, of course; we are all educated, ‘cultural’ people here, we know about the text, the context, and subtext, we of corse place his works in all those above; and not all his work is so bad, on the contrary, many of his paintings are very good – or rather, they depend on the mood of the viewer: in a good mood I see them as lovely, brilliant, cheerful, childish works (‘childish’ in the best sense of this word). And I myself  was starting many of my ‘innovation’ workshops with the works of Miro.  Well, in a not so good a mood they again become that, a colorful garbage created by one jerk.)

The reason of for the posting is one (uncarefully, I agree) written comment, to the posting by  i_shmael-я, where he talks about the exhibition of late Miro in Lausanne, where I said that to write about Miro’s mirrors is ‘easy’.

Oh well, let’s do it, them.

Such posting should only two two of his paintings, and the story should consist of no more than the two words stated in the subject. And actually it is exactly what waits for your under the cut:


Nude with long hair (1919)


Femme au miroir (1957)

That’s all.


ps: As a way of making the icon, I condensed it in one picture:


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