Phew indeed! I did not expect that the pause will last so long – both the translation of the significant part of my Russian blog into English took a lot more time and I simply didn’t have much time due to travels, projects, and stuff. I did continue to contemplate on this topic, and gather more, and more interesting examples – I think, I did it even more actively than before – but didn’t a moment to put it on this e-paper. 

Now English and Russian versions are more or less identical; there are still few old stories to put here (on Las Meninas, for example, or on Belle Gabrielle), but they are still missing in the Russian part too, so I will put them simultaneously into both blogs, later.

To be honest, the experience was very frustrating, I lived it as one continuous psychological trauma. Not only because of English – I do know it relatively well and capable to produce a simple text, but still, as with any non-native language I lack the eloquence and style I have in my Russian texts.

But more importantly, it was this feeling of displeasure I had when reading my own old posting. Now they often occur to be factually inaccurate and shamefully judgmental the very things I usually call to combat  with. After almost two years of more or less regular reading/studying/looking at the mirrors and art (and therefore history, and the now, and the future of all-that) I tend to think that I’ve learned a thing or two of these matters. From this perspective it’s particularly painful to read all the superficial nonsense I wrote literally just yesterday (and also to realize that whatever I will write today will turn into rubbish soon).

I decided to leave things as they are, if only to look at them as in the mirror later. In any case, I don’t have time for the memory-editing exercise

PS: The works above does not have any particular story, just a nice picture to (re)starrt with, and it also has some flavor of “new mirror”. It’s called, a bit pompously, Dark Mandala, and I found it at the DeviantArt, made by one Jason-C (evolved from Jason-B). He’s got a few more similar works there, but this one is probably the most “mirror” one.


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