Mirror, Mirror (of ?? century) on the Wall

This is not exactly a ‘posting’, or at least it will not be talking about any specific work or a master; it’s more like a placeholder aka a status announcement: to say that this blog is not dead, but currently lives an ‘underground life’. More specifically, I am working on translating all of its old/unfinished postings of the last 2+ years.  I have already finished all the postings of 2013, and now have only 65 (sixty five! only! omg!) left.

I will re-start writing new stories only after finishing this job, and in future will try to avoid this ‘gap in translation’ between my Russian and English editions.

Till soon!  

PS: The mirror shown above is pretty interesting. I came across it when visting the TEFAF art fair in Maastricht this year. I have argued a bit with a gallery owner – the latter claimed that the mirror is of the mid-16th century, and from Florence; I was trying to explain to her that such large and flat mirrors were not to be produced at least till the end of this century (and largely in Venice).

See, for example, the Titian mirrors (one, two, three) – they are way smaller than this one, and that having in mind that the master would have access to the best mirror-makers of his time.


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