Antony and the Johnsons – Kissing Noone (2011), with Tilda Swinton

I posted the link to this beautiful video, without much explanations (sometimes explanations are not really necessary), but also without any back-up plan. The latter was a mistake, since very soon instead of the video I found the following sign

I decided to ‘learn the lessons’, and write about video-materials somewhat differently; first, I am copying the movies themselves (I understand that even if some video disappears from YouTube, it does reappear somewhere else, most often on the same YouTube; the latest version of the video I found here – but it may disappear again, so) – I am now trying to put them on my own Flickr.

In addition to that, I decided to also make a few stills from the video; I am not sure I will be able to do with every video I have, or will be posting, but let’s see.

In the beginning we see a strange image: one eye staring at us from an unknown hideaway. There is not music yet.


2. We then see a beautiful woman with a lush wave hair:


3. She starts making her make-up, as if she doesn’t see us; the scene become very intimate and voyeuristic. We understand that she is in front of a mirror, but we don’t see this mirror; perhaps we are behind it?


4. The camera zoom out and also change the angle; we now loot at the woman from the side – and now do see the mirror, the dress room one, with the light bulbs.


5. We now see the mirror, but we don’t see the reflection of the woman’s face in it. In fact, the whole scene becomes a bit detached and less intimate and involving.



6. A very long scene, with woman putting a vail on her face and re-arranging it; it lasts almost a minute, a good third of the entire clip.  We don’t see the mirror again, although we sometimes see the lights.


7. Then follows an almost exact replay of the first frames, we the same moves of the woman doing her make-up; the intimacy is regained.


8. In the final scene Tilda takes of her wig, and pulls her own, rather short, hair. She is doing it again as if no one sees her, very openly and authentically.


9. In the final frame she suddenly stares right at us – at you! – breaking our voyeuristic hideout.

We becomes the mirror.


***  The lyrics:

Was it a dream?
Was it my bliss
When I found you at the end of my kiss?I was kissing noone,
Kissing you
No wonder why I feel so blue

Time cracks
I thought it would never break
Sky came into
And then became fake
There were you

Was it a dream
From the abyss?
Deep inside nowheres of lonliness

Kissing noone
Kissing you
Your hopes haunt me
Your hopes curse me

Your mind cracks open
I thought it would never break
Your eyes came into
And then became fake
Where were you?

Is it the sky?
Or is it the sun?
I’m Sorry
And I don’t know where you’ve gone

I was kissing noone
Kissing you
No wonder I feel so blue


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