Specularum in Ru

Ironically, but soon after I wrote my post complaining that I don’t write enough in this English-language blog, especially if compared to my Russian one, I ventured to open a new blog about ‘mirrors in art’… in Russian. Such is the human natures! as they say in such cases.

Well, strictly speaking, specularum is not an entirely new blog; rather, it’s just a new house for all my earlier postings about mirrors in art, distributed all over my livejournal. Livejournal was my ‘digital home’ for more than ten years, and the reasons to abandon it are diverse and complicated. The place for new ‘home’ is not yet found (if it ever will be). For this mirror project I decided to make the same move that I did about a year or so for my English-language postings, and to open a separate blog in Russian, too.

It took quite some time and a lot of efforts to make this move. It was felt like a tooth extraction, ripping the texts out of my livejournal diary flow and re-planting them in a new place. It was quite a painful project, too – not only because I had to manually copy-paste and then re-connect all these new postings, but more because of inevitable re-reading them and (re)discovering how badly they are written 😦

I restrained myself from editing them, besides correcting some minor grammar mistakes and mistypes here and there. Believe me, it was very tempting to start doing exactly that, a mass editing of everything! After about a year or so since I started this ‘art mirror (re)search’, I know this field much better and would formulate many things differently, add more facts and avoid much of my cheap razzing style of the first postings. At the same time, to realize this growth that has occurred, these numerous ‘befores’ and ‘afters’ was quite a rewarding feeling.

Of course, the most grieving thing of the move are the people, the readers who read and commented my postings in Livejournal. I put an automatic forwarder to Livejournal from my new blog, so that the new posting would be automatically appearing there, too, and people at least could read them.  However, I don’t expect that many people will be making efforts and commenting my postings in a new place. By now I am familiar with this one-hundred-postings-of-solitude feeling with my English blogs, so I should get used to it in Russian quickly too.

So, in the case of the Russian blog it’s all set and ready to go by now.

With this one, in English, it’s more complicated.

I have lots of postings here in the hidden, ‘private’ form. Some of them I started almost a year ago but still can’t finish and publish in public.  I was never happy with a literate translation of my Russian postings into English, but never found a proper tone of voice for the English one either. In reality, it’s never merely a ‘translation’, but often an exercise of writing two separate postings. About the same subject, perhaps but with very different content.

I guess the task here is still exactly the same as I formulated last December: just to Get Things Done, to write here more and eventually transfer all the ‘hidden’ stuff into the open. Thus opening space for not-yet writting new texts.


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