Annual Stats

The end of the year is approaching, and with it an understandable impulse to look back and reflect on the past – to hopefully learn some lessons and make things better in the future.

I started this blog about a year ago or so, without any particular plans, especially the ‘measurable’ ones; the idea was to try and to see how things would go.

Initially things went pretty well, I wrote about 10 postings by the end of 2011, and looked optimistically toward 2012. I then decided to translate some of these postings into Russian, and post them in my Russian-language blog on Livejournal. I did so, and almost instantly got a very positive and encouraging feedback from my readers – a striking difference with an (almost) silent space here.

And the consequences: I kept writing about mirrors in art, sometimes very actively, sometimes not, but all in all I managed to write 55 (!) dedicated postings about this topic in this Russian blog (that’s more than one per week) or in total 77,7 k words. Which is great (although I always think I should have done more).

But this blog is nearly deserted I wrote only about 15 postings (well, there are a bit more, in a private, but these are not finished); that’s just a tiny more than one posting a month (and total word count is mere 17.7 k).

I want to do something about that in 2013.


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