And other hm-hm-hm by Juan de Flandes

It is known that the postings about Juan de Flandes do not appear alone, they do it in pairs. So this time again, as a bundle to the main posting, about the mirror of St. Elizabeth, I feel I need to write a collateral story about other mirror-like things painted by the master.

The first artwork is the St. Michael altar (now in the Museo Diocesano in Salamanca – apparently, they don’t have any website yet). My reproduction of the work is not of very good quality, and so I can’t see much in this shield-turned-to-be-mirror held by Archangel Michael

But a better copy would allow us to see many interesting details! Unlike the previous, more tranquil version of this fight with the dragon, this time Archangel Mikhail is in full swing battle armor, shining and reflecting all the things around. The chest and other part reflect as much as the shield, now round, if not more. I guess, we can see a large chunk of the town in these reflection – of Toledo? or Salamanca? Should have been a wonderful piece, although I can’t judge how damaged the piece by time at the moment.

Another artifact, also similar to the one last time, is a brooch (a pendant? a medallion? – I am writing these words, but in reality I am not sure what is the accurate name (and the purpose) this thing on the neck of Mary:

I mean, it could be ‘just a necklace’, but it could also turned to be some sacred object, specifically aimed at reflecting, for example, the gaze of the future Savior (or should I write, the Savior of the future?)

We see an amazing moment, of choosing between the Real (a warm and tasty apple) and Virtual (a cold, lifeless, rational – reflexive – mirror). What will be chosen?

Again, my copy only leaves my guesses. There could be something reflected in the gem, but it is not clear what (a window frame, to show the light source? or the face of Jesus – for us to have the only reflection of the deity in the mirror?)


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