On (non)added value

This is a typical ‘going life’ follow-up posting; the case I’ve already written something about a particular work and/or a master, using various online sources, and then encounter this work ‘alive’. I tend to be disappointed more often than not in such cases… but this doesn’t meen I don’t seek more of such encounters.

I wrote about Memling’s polyptych the last year, and already then complained I can’t figure out the exact order of its panels from the online sources. I now see if not definitive, then much more clear positioning. 

In reality the panels happened to be very, very tiny; it was allowed to take pictures, but it was next to useless, because they’ve been paced in a plastic box right in front of a bright window, which made impossible to see anything, anyway 😦

I also discovered that the panels are detached from each other (in the museum they are placed in one metal frame, but in the past, and in real altar they could be placed in different order. What is clear is that the the girl with a mirror is on the same panel as the God the World Savior:

The world He holds is depicted in form of a clean glass sphere; below is a bit larger detail:

To my regret, I can’t add much to this plain fact, that at some point in my life I was standing by.


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