“Each day in the mirror I watch death at work”

This is a detail of the famous painting by Francis Bacon, ‘Figure Writing Reflected in Mirror‘ (1976). I have recently found a decent copy of it, and would like to simply share it here.

On that occasion, I am also placing here several of his other “mirrors”. I don’t write any text about them (or the artist). This task would require a bit more research on my side, so this posting is more like a stub, for future.

Study of a Nude with Figure in a Mirror (1961)


Portrait of George Dyer in a Mirror (1968)

Portrait of George Dyer in a Mirror (1968) – Detail

Study of George Dyer (1971)

Lying Figure in Mirror (1971)

Portrait of George Dyer staring into a mirror (1982)

A Study for a Human Body (1986)



“Bacon’s mirrors can be anything you like – except a reflecting surface… Bacon does not experience the mirror in the same way as Lewis Carroll. The body enters the mirror and loges itself inside it, itself and its shadow.Hence the fascination: nothing is behind the mirror, everything is inside it” – Gilles Deleuze, Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation.


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