Of the Shields, and the Dragons & Demons

At the center of this collage is a painting found by  i_shmael somewhere in Spain: here Archangel Michael is defeating the forces of evil. On the left is St. George defeating the serpent Archangel Michael defeating the forces of evil. On the right is winged Perseus fightings with his enemies  Archangel Michael, defeating the forces of evil.

Those who fancy to solve puzzles may:

a. Guess the cities, which coat of arms are shown in the following collage on the left and right sides;

b. Create a design of the coat of arms (and the name) of the city from the available materials in the center

c. Come up with a simple narrative (perhaps in form of an alternative history), in which this city in the center would exist, and the other two wouldn’t already.

z. You can of course these quests and simply look at the pictures below:

Only the laziest researcher did not write about deep and intimate connections between Perseus and St.George

Paolo Uccello – Saint George, the Princess, and the Dragon (1460)

Johann König – Saint George Defeating the Dragon

Vittore Carpaccio – St. George Killing the Dragon (1507)

Bernat Martorell – Saint George Killing the Dragon (1434)

Edward Burne-Jones – St. George and the Dragon (1868)

Tintoretto – St. George and the Dragon (1555-58)

Oops, this is already Saint Michel fighting with the dragon.

The shield with cross of St George both protects Archangel Michael (tenkan) and helps him in striking the demons (irimi).

The following picture illustrates randori, defense against multiple attackers.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder – The Fall of the Rebel Angels

Shield of the Four Towers, one of the most beautiful shields in the WoW, imo.


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