Mirror Scarecrow

In addition to my historical stories, about mirrors in art (and in anticipation of some futuristic ones), I’d like to start showing some contemporary art works with mirrors too. I am planning to occasionally post the works of various contemporary artists who depict, is use mirrors; I will try to post only minimal comments, if at all; wysiwyg.

I assume that for the works of the 21st century we do understand (or at least are  aware of) many of their ‘contexts and subtexts.’  I therefore invite people to share their associations in response to all these works, in form of comments, or meta-comments: how do you see this work, and what do you think about the mirror(s) in it, in particular. We will thus co-weave the fabric of these art-mirror ™ (you can later add this to your cv, for those who cares).

Let’s start from the work of by Sangram Majumdar from Kolkata. It’s called Scarecrow (oil on linen, 66 by 84 cm). As a way of triggering your imagination, here’s the artist’s manifesto:

“My paintings are conversations between the notion of the familiar and the questions it raises through the medium of painting. The work is never about arriving at a resolution, but maintaining the question, not out of any existential romanticism, but the sheer joy of the hunt. The paintings begin long before I pick up a brush, with a desire to manufacture out of the familiar a situation that is in itself a hybrid. Working against the factual nameability, the paintings are extensions of this metamorphosis. “

The hunt is open.



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