The Weaved Mirrors of Hieronymus Bosch

This posting is not really about mirrors, and not even really about Bosch, despite the title. On the other hand, some mirrors can be found here, too.

This weekend we again went to the Center of Hieronymus Bosch in the Dutch city Den Bosch (where, as we know, there is no real work of Bosch kept, only their replicas – but replicas of all of his works in one place).

Here is just a small story about this center.

I wrote ‘again’, because we’ve been there already (soon after the opening, and then again about a year ago). Not much has changed there; it’s still as dark as it use to be (which means that there is no point of taking pictures, the quality will be very poor). The bookshop has moved to the main hall and became more like a book stand (you can see it in the left bottom corner of the picture above); the move has allowed to greatly expand the museum cafe.

I have taken a few shots of the large figures hanging all around the building (they look less harmful on these blurry images).

And this is the very table, with the Seven Mortal Sins; behind are the posters depicting their modern reincarnations:

Some of the ‘paintings’ are in fact the woven tapestries; here, for example, the Hell, from the same sinful series:

And here is the “woven mirror”, as promised in the subject; I almost did not lie.

Some replicas made ​​’working’, for instance, this altar can fold and unfold (as it should be). Here the wings are open:

And here, folded.

I took a picture of the Creation of the World just a souvenir; Joseph Kerner begins his lecture with this image:

‘My’ Superbia got lucky, too – there is also a tapestry version of it:

So, one more “woven” mirror; the devil with a cap looks like the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.

But the dude with the second mirror from his work has lost his mirror completely; the new authors did’t considered it of any importance.

Some paintings generated derivates, of second, if not third order:

I also noticed that if I direct light at the Bosch’s ‘third mirror’, the beam of light start revealing some sort of (woman’s?) face. A new enigma of the master? As if he didn’t have enough already:

Saw Terry Pratchett look-alike listening attentively the story about the Purgatory.





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