Cycles of the Mirrors’ Meanings

Attentive readers of this blog could have noticed that those ‘mirrors in art’ I was writing about lately managed to make a full cycle with their meaning.

They (mirrors) started from very the very pure, clean and positive connotations, devine even in some cases, but then have fallen into the dark and dirty realm, in the infernal abyss – from which started to slowly crawl out .

If to follow the trend, we would have to see another rise of the positive and constructive meaning of the mirrors (it did happen actually, although not in art by in the emerging science of the Renaissance age, where mirrors were used very actively).

But there were some interesting developments in art, too, albeit in a very different direction.

These developments will, in fact, break this cycle that would otherwise have been perceived as an eternal one:

The simple reading of this diagram is a circulation of the ‘meaning’ that migrates from one quadrant to another – say, from the upper left Positive Sacral to the lower left (Negative Sacral = Satanic) to the Negative Secular (the lust of the bottom-right corner), to then progress to the Secular Positive (well, may be Memento Mori is not exactly positive, but… that’s life).

Of course, you can draw you own trajectory of the meaning in time, for example, by changing the direction, or jumping from one corner to another in whatever which way.

But the ‘true’ situation is even more complex.  I try to avoid the word quantum here, because it may sound too vulgar in this context, but I would describe it as indeed a system of interconnected, mutually exclusive yet simultaneously existing states, that cross-affect each other: 

When looking at the above diagram, try to imaging one strip connecting all of the states, a Möbius strip of some sort (I just don’t the visual editor that would allow to draw such a strip easily).

In principle this should be a very stable structure: stable in a sense that it’s always in a move, it’s dynamic, yet it replicates (reflecting?)  itself over time, remaining the same. To escape from these mirror loops, one has to find a way not to stop or break it, but somehow elevate to another dimension, from which it would be possible to untangle all these ever tightening knots.

But more one these ‘developments’ and ‘new dimensions’, and how they impacted the ‘mirrors in art’ later.

PS: This may be completely irrelevant, but I came to these ideas while sleeping, in a dream. It was one of those dreams you can’t retell or describe once you are out. It was as if I was in a middle of a very complex and intricate mechanism, where everything was operating efficiently and smoothly, but very boringly, like a conveyer belt. And then I found some sort of simple hack, to reprogram all these machinery, and then everything started to shine and glow, like in a kaleidoscope.   



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