On Richard Hamilton, the mirrors, and myself

I’ve just learnt that Richard Hamilton died a few days ago. Besides being a great artist, he – or rather one of his projects – was a final trigger of my own ‘mirror in art’ saga. Last year I bumped into his homage to Picasso made after Las Meninas (it is in this context was held the interview above). Then I found Picasso’s own colossal (55+ paintings) homage to the masterpiece by Velázquez. Eventually I got into Las Meninas themselves and started to study this, and some other works by the Spanish master that depicted mirrors (and also the long tradition of re-appropriation of these works in modern art).

And then, in somewhat strange way that still amuses me, I got into this whole mirror business. Bragging aside, I might have the largest collection of the ‘mirrors in art’ examples by now – a hair short of 5,000, and counting.  It’s quite a labor, I should say, but a great pleasure as well.

Thank you, Richard! R.I.P.



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